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© 2020 by See Forever Games. 

About us

What is See Forever Games? 


See Forever Games is a labor of love shared by a group of giant gaming nerds on a quest to create the best board gaming experiences we can. We love games, and we want to give back to the gaming world by creating games that other people will love as well!   

Where are you located? 


Although we are mostly Southern California natives, we are an international operation. Wayne is the only member of the team not originally from California, and the only one of us whose vocabulary does not include the expressions "gnarly," "tubular," "tripendicular," and "Whoa, dude, tight curl!" Woodward lives in Houston, Texas, and is greatly disappointed in the quality of surfing there relative to SoCal. Carl lives in Mexico City, which is currently where all the cool kids are hanging out, but also has a disappointing surf scene. Adam is finishing high school in San Diego, but we keep him too busy to get any actual surfing done. Given our geographical separation we are only able to make this project work through the magic of the Internet (and possibly dark rituals conducted in the name of Cthulhu, but the less said about that, the better). 


What is your purpose?


To create the board games that we want to play but that don’t exist yet! 


How can I be part of this awesomeness? 


You can follow us on social media! We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, so look for the links on our main page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which almost certainly exists and will be sent out on a semi-regular basis to everyone at an unspecified time in the future. If you’d like, you can send us an email; we’d love to hear from you! 

Who are you? 


We are two brothers, a son and a random Texan to help bring our vision to life. More specifically, we are: 


  • Woodward Cox 


Woodward is the head of the company, and the person driving us to make sure things get done. He is also our resident genius computer programmer, and writes the software we use to playtest our games in a virtual space before creating physical prototypes to release into the wild of the gaming community. 


  • Carl Cox 


Carl is our creative guru and the designer of our games. Not much is known about him, other than that he works from an unspecified location in Mexico City, and occasionally releases weird and wonderful things into the world. He hopes that there are enough weird and wonderful people out there to make his efforts worthwhile. 


  • Adam Cox 


Adam is our intern and resident gofer/web designer. As the youngest member of the team, we enjoy pushing him around, making him do the unpleasant grunt work that the rest of us would rather not do, and making fun of him for his inability to correctly pronounce the word "hold." 


  • Wayne Miller 


Wayne is our resident Lone Star native and jack-of-all trades, including PhotoShop guru, design and layout consultant, and production and purchasing manager. Wayne is the most down-to-earth and normal member of our team, and it's on-going mystery as to why he would willingly choose to associate with such a motley collection of lunatics. 

Woodward Cox,

The Mastermind

Carl Cox,

The Creator

Adam Cox,

The Rookie

Wayne Miller

The Game Changer