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On location with the Seeforever Crew

We are getting into the exciting part of this long journey we have been on… the Kickstarter Campaign is just around the corner and we are hurriedly checking boxes to make sure we are as prepared as we can be to face the great unknown: will people back us on Kickstarter?

One of the most important elements of your Kickstarter page is the Project Video. Carl wrote an initial script that was meh… and so I groused at him and sent him some opinions on what a video should look like. Of course, being Carl, he picked up the ball and ran with it… to what I would say was a touchdown!

So I packed my bags and began the long trek down to Mexico City (where Carl lives). Carl has a friend who has helped him record his current album who also is a whiz at photography and evidently video editing. Polo was just flat out amazing- easy to work with, patient with all of my stupid questions, knowledgeable about the process… everything you could ask for in your film dude. Polo’s website :

Carl wrote an amazingly cheesy beginning to the video which is hilarious to me and might be slightly amusing to those who don’t know us. The rest of the video is the story of Cybermancy and what we have done to get it here.

We shot the whole thing in Carl’s in-law’s house (they were very generous to let us disrupt their house for a day!) and Polo had the whole set up with the lights, backdrops… the whole deal. I really felt like I was on a film set (not that I would know what a real film set looks like). Carl was as cool as a cucumber, rattling off his lines like he was a veteran actor of many years. I stuttered and sputtered my way through my few lines and generally embarrassed myself but had a good time with the all of the supportive people around me clapping and cheering when I had sweated out another line.

I want to show you all the video here but we really think it would be better to wait until you see the fully edited and Kickstarter amplified version on our project page.

The flights weren’t horrible, the food was awesome (thanks Porfirio’s and Posole Chilpancingo!) and the traffic was terrible… of course what would you expect from the world’s largest city?

A special thanks to all of the people who made this possible: Rey and Soledad Molina, Montserrat Cox, Alexis Moreno, and of course Diana Cox (Carl’s long suffering wife).

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