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Project Risks

Updated: Mar 5

Part of designing a Kickstarter Page has to do with sharing the risks you see to the project so that potential backers can see that you have analyzed the risk and have taken steps to mitigate these potential missteps. So what follows is the basis for the text of the "Risks" page on Kickstarter.

We were initially worried about game balance- we wanted to make sure that each card had the same relative level of power to cost ratio so that each card had value and that there wouldn't be any useless or bad cards. So in response to this risk- we built the Card Configurator which manages the creation process of the cards for the designer (Carl). The Configurator balances costs versus powers using the base algorithm of the designer and identifies when a card is unbalanced.

While we were at it- we went ahead and built a computer simulation of the game which has allowed us to play hundreds of test games and really work out the bugs, bad ideas, and anything else that might be annoying or detract from the game.

As part of our stretch goals we have added 2 new Creature Decks- the cards have already been designed and balanced in the configurator but the art has not yet been commissioned. We verified with our Art Team that they will be able to have the card art and final typesetting complete prior to the print deadline.

We have already invested substantial amounts of personal money into the project to design and build it, but also to commission the amazing art which we believe sets the game at a new level. We have solicited opinions from friends and family, more importantly from total strangers on the internet, and (cringing) we even dared to ask people on Reddit to comment on the project and art. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback so we are here, proceeding in making our dream come true.

Please give us feedback on your thoughts on the game so far!

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