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Win or Lose- I've already won!

3 years ago, I retired (sort of) and was wondering what to do. I didn’t want to just sit around doing nothing… so I asked my brother what we should do to make more money. He said- why don’t we make games?

When we were young, we had dreams of starting a gaming company- mostly to build Dungeons & Dragons modules. But this was a bit different- we had the resources and experience to actually make this dream come true! Carl isn’t a novice gamer… he has literally hundreds of games in his collection and researches many more. This is a guy that knows about games.

So I said ok- give me a list of your top 6 ideas and let’s toss it around. Right at the top of the list was Cybermancy (although not in the form it has become). We both wanted THIS to be the game we start with because both of us love Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. While we love both of those games, we feel they both have some breathtakingly annoying features (which we have detailed elsewhere).

Cybermancy was designed to remove the annoying features and get down to the heart of the fun of battling card games- doing damage! A Brawler was born on that conference table that day.

We have been working for 3 years on this project and have learned a lot about publishing games, managing artists, and learning how to promote & market a game in this modern era. Neither Carl nor I are what anyone would consider social media experts, and in my case being considered “social” at all might be a stretch. But we have dug in and learned all that we could. However since there seems to be a disconnect with us old farts and how to manage social media- we have hired Carl’s daughter to manage this for us… she rocks at it and is making a huge difference in our online presence.

Kickstarter has been a game changer for so many small publishers and we would like to fit into that mold. So many times in our lives we have been told that something we did was not good enough for the Gatekeepers, that they didn’t think it would be a salable thing. Kickstarter has broken down that wall of idiocy and has placed the decision making in the hands of the consumers… the people get to decide what gets made and what should just stay as an idea. I love this! So a heartfelt thanks to the people and Kickstarter!

At the end of the day and our upcoming kickstarter project, win or lose, I will have made an incredible journey where I have had a ton of fun, learned about something new, and most importantly I have been working with my brother every day for the past 3 years. I have watched my son growing into a useful and talented employee, and I have been floored by the competence and intelligence that my niece has shown us in her few short weeks on the project. Even if we don’t fund- this has been an amazing journey that I would do again without hesitation.

My brother has been worried these last few weeks about all of the things that can go wrong… but mostly he has been worried that no funding will somehow ruin me. I am always so grateful to my big brother for continually looking out for me and worrying about me no matter where I am in the world. He has been a fantastic big brother who has always been there for me, whether I realized it or not.

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